Swagway x1 Is Best Hoverboard in 2020

Looking for the best hoverboard to buy in 2020? Swagway X1 Hands-free hoverboard is one pretty goof hoverboard in its class. It comes with lots of added features to make you enjoy your leisure time like never before. It is one of the most tested and reviewed self-balancing scooter adored by most celebrities around. Despite a couple of cities banning it as illegal for riding on public roads, a majority of the people still buy it due to the fun and enjoyment it provides in personal transportation. Swagway X1 Hands-free Hoverboard is designed with your individual riding needs in mind.

Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

What’s unique about Swagway X1 Hands-free Hoverboard?

1. It allows you ride at high top speed. With Swagway X1 Hands-free hoverboard, you can cruise around streets and shopping malls at high speed of 12 miles per hour.

2. A 1-2 hour charging time enables you to ride for the longest distance of up to 20 miles. This gives you immense freedom when riding. Swagway X1 Hands-free hoverboard ensures that your fun is never cut short by a dead battery. It is powered by a strong Samsung battery that never fails to impress you with the long lasting performance every time you take a ride.

3. It has aluminum reinforced wheels that give it a lightweight design. This means you can take your riding to any place you go. Besides, its overall weight is 24 lbs meaning you can store it in your travel bag, and no one notices.

4. It is safe and won’t explode or catch fire easily. It is equipped with Sentry Shield top of the line technology that makes it safe to use by both the adults and children alike. Its battery is protected against explosion by a fire resistant aluminum system.

5. Learning it is a breeze. Swagway X1 Hands-Free self-balancing scooter is pretty simple to learn and get acquainted with in minutes. Simply stand on it and let it do the balancing. Its ability to detect your body movements makes it very responsive in riding.

6. Worries of flat tires become a thing of the past with this hoverboard. It comes with pure solid rubber tires. In fact, you can ride this hoverboard without being restricted by the type of terrain.

7. It is available at a remarkable price. Most people find it an affordable pick compared to other expensive models. Despite its affordable price tag, it offers you more than what you pay for through performance.

8. The design alone places this hoverboard at the front line on the market. It is scratch resistant and will remain new each and every day. The aluminum reinforced wheels provide it with added scratch resistance meaning you can cruise with it regardless of the roughness of the terrain.

9. Another great benefit of this hoverboard is that you can ride it even in crowded and narrow constricted places due to its zero degrees turning ability. Furthermore, 15-degree incline ability renders it great to ride in considerably steep slopes.

Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Balancing hoverboard is significantly available at a lower price but of high quality. When charging, it remains cool unlike some of other cheap brands that get hot. Its powerful motors are intelligent and will detect any slight pressure exerted on them. The motors have light purple colors in front that give it a fresh and professional look. When you stand on the foot pads, the lights fire up. Besides, when you turn, it blinks signaling those on the way that you are about to turn.

Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

This hoverboard is shipped together with a user manual that shows you how to use it instead of any technicality. People of all ages can use it. In fact, Swagway X1 Hoverboard can make the best holiday gift to your 12-year old son or daughter. It is quite intuitive and fun to ride especially when you understand how to do some tricks with it. After taking the first few rides, you can easily get addicted to it. It can run over little bumps and hills pretty well. So, you never have to worry about slipping off. Braking too is excellent hence you never have to worry about your scooter picking up too much speed downhill. Swagway X1 hoverboard is worthy of every satisfied purchase.

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