How to Replace Hoverboard Motherboard

Self-balancing scooter hoverboards have took the market by storm and their popularity is only increasing by the time. In the beginning these hoverboards were considered very precious and they also costed a lot of money. However, with the passage of time and with the arrival of many manufacturers, these hoverboards are now available at a very fair price and they are damaging the bikes market already. Teens now prefer having a hoverboard over a bike. These smart scooters were somehow a new technology or a new kind of gadget with whom the people were not so familiar when it first came and in case you had issues with your hoverboard, you were in a big trouble as getting it fixed was a problem and it costed you serious money.

With the passage of time people have become familiar with the design and the chips used in the scooter and now it is more convenient to get it fixed. However, it still costs you considerable money. This article is all about how to replace hoverboard motherboard and you will see that it is incredibly convenient and easy and there is no way you should be spending money to get it fixed from a workshop.  This article will highlight the most common issues that your hoverboard motherboard can face and will tell you how to fix them with the relevant best equipment available in the market. All you need is to have a basic knowledge of how exactly your hoverboard works and you will be able to resolve the most common of issues all by yourself saving yourself a lot of money and concern.

Types of motherboards:

There are many types of motherboards that are available in the market. Not all of them would be compatible with your motherboard but you should definitely find one which you can replace for your scooter. These motherboards have different models and have been manufactured by different manufacturers. The best way to differentiate among these hoverboard motherboards is by the color.

  • Yellow motherboard

These yellow motherboards are very rare these days, you can say that these were used in the beginning of the hoverboards journey into the market and were soon replaced by the new ones. They are very rare these days and are of low quality mostly. Therefore, in case you have the yellow motherboard in your hoverboard and it’s broken, you are going to have a very difficult time replacing it.

  • Red motherboards

Red motherboard are also rare to find these days and they are typically of very low quality. The very cheap hoverboards use these motherboards and now they are rare to be found. In case, you have a red motherboard and its broken, you might consider changing your hoverboard than to spend money on a new hoverboard which is not going to last long.

  • Blue motherboards

Blue hoverboards motherboards are usually of a great quality and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they are one of the leading motherboards in the market. Their performance is great and in case you break your blue hoverboard motherboard, it should not be very hard to get it replaced. However, they can be little expensive depending on the type of blue motherboard your hoverboard needs.

  • Green motherboards

These are the most common motherboards that are being used these days and are easiest ones to be replaced because you will be able to find them rather easily. They differ in quality which totally depends on the type and model of green motherboard that you are going to use or is compatible with your hoverboard.


These hoverboard motherboard types on the basis of color is a very generic and simple way of differentiating them, all of these color types have further types and models.

Problems in hoverboard and replacement of a Motherboard:

Gyroscopic Problems

The very first thing you need to know is to make sure that your motherboard is really broken and it needs to be replaced. Many of the times, you face certain problems in your hoverboards that can be fixed without having to replace the whole motherboard. For example, a problem with the gyroscope can result in different issues such as failed sideboard, failure on the self-balancing mechanism and more. This scooter gyroscope is known to be the most common problem that a hoverboard faces and all you need to do is change the gyro chip and your hoverboard is as good as new.  It is very simple to install and in case your hoverboard has an issue related to the gyro sensor, replacing just the chip will give your hoverboard a new life.

The very first step to replace your gyro chip is to open up your hoverboard losing all the screws and have a look at connector of this chip and confirm if it’s the same as already being used by your hoverboard. After making sure that this is the chip you need to replace, all you will ever need is a screw driver to take out all the screws and get that chip replaced. It is as easy as it comes and you should have all the confidence to do it yourself. You might be a little nervous taking the screw driver in your hands to open your hoverboard but trust us as soon as you will do it, you will see no forest of wires and everything will seem to be very organized and easy to replace and be played with.

It is even more convenient than what a computer’s CPU looks like. Remember the position of the connectors you will be disconnecting while replacing the chip and you will do it easily with a very less time and effort consumed. The color of the sideboard does not matter at all and you will be able to compare the two connectors with ease. In case, both the connectors are similar, it means this gyroscope is going to be compatible with your hoverboard’s motherboard. This gyro chip is easily available in the market but not all of them are as good as you would expect so you need to make sure you get the most reliable one. Most of the gyro chips available in the market would be easily compatible with your hoverboard motherboard and you will be swinging your scooter once again.  


When you are to replace this chip, screw open your hoverboard and the first thing you will be seeing in the gyroscope placed above two gyro sensors and this is where all your movement is controlled. You need to lose the LED connectors and other connectors that has been attached to the gyroscope and take the existing chip off. Then you can replace it with your new gyroscope. All it takes is losing the screws and remembering where to connect the connectors. You should take pictures of every step you make while taking off the existing chip and install back the new one in a similar fashion. Tighten the screws all your gyroscope chip problems will be solved.

Words about Gyros Chips

Some of the gyro chips are available at very cheap prices and they do the job perfectly. They also come in a variety of types and you need to make sure that you get the one which is compatible to your hoverboard. You need to start from opening up your Hoverboard to Confirm Your Self-Balancing Scooter Uses Style 4-Pin Connector or a different one. The color could be different however the shape of the connector must be same. The 4-pin connector type is the most common one that is being used in hoverboards. Most of these gyro chips come with six months guarantee against failure. All you will need to do is take out all the screws and separate all the connectors connected to your existing gyroscope. Use a soft cloth to clean the two gyro sensors that you will see below the chip and then replace the chip with this one. Tighten the screws and this should resolve your issues related to your scooter’s gyroscope.

How to Replace Hoverboard Motherboard

Is your Gyro Chip causing problems?

Identifying the failure of your gyro chip problem is very easy and it is the most common of all the issues hoverboard faces. If one side of your hoveboard is not working properly, there is no need to panic and all you need to do is have a look at your hoverboards gyro chip and find the similar one with the same connector.

Problems with Bluetooth Speakers

Apart from these gyro chips, you can also face problems such as Bluetooth speakers not working or having trouble with the LED lights. Fault in the Bluetooth speakers is very common and repairing it is incredibly simple and also cheap. They are easily available in the market and even your hoverboard has no Bluetooth speakers in the first place, you might still get your hoverboard Bluetooth speakers by yourself.  These little speakers have a small chip connected to them with only a couple of wires hanging out. The chip has a Bluetooth interface which lets other Bluetooth devices to communicate with it. All you need to do is screw open your hoverboard, do not touch anything else and go right towards your speakers. They must be attached with the outer cover. Take all the screws out and simply replace your existing speakers with the new ones. You will only have to connect the only two wires with the board and tight the screws. Your favorite music on your playlist is yet again ready to be enjoyed while you enjoy the smooth ride. These Bluetooth speakers can also be manually integrated with your board even if your hoverboard has no speakers for which soldering is required.

Replacing the LED lights for your hoverboard is the easiest of them all. With the passage of light your existing hoverboard lights may fade out a bit or you can simply get bored with them and want to replace them with a better, brighter and flashing LED lights. These lights are readily available in the market and you will definitely find the ones which seem to be compatible with your board. With the ‘kind’, we mean the shape of the LED lights that your hoverboard uses which suits to your hoverboard lighting case. These LED lights have simple lighting cord that goes into the board with an easy to connect connector. Find the similar connector of the LEDs and the kind of shape you require. You will need to take off the side which has the LED lights installed in it. Disconnect the lighting cord from the board and simply replace your existing light with the new ones that you want.

Problems with the board itslelf

When you are sure that your hoverboard has no problems with the gyro-chip, Bluetooth or the lights and the problem is with the board itself, then you need to start looking for the one, which is going to be compatible with your hoverboard. You can do that by start looking for the same color type motherboard. Replacing the motherboard is incredibly easy. Once you open the screws, you will see that hoverboards are very simple science and they don’t use a lot of wires. There is this one big motherboard and everything is connected to it in a very civilized way. All you need to do is disconnect all other chips and connectors. Open up all the screws of the board and simply replace it with the new board. Connect all those chips and different connectors in the similar fashion and you are good to go. It is advisable to use markers or labels for the wires you are disconnecting with the point they need to be connected to so you will not forget which one goes where. You can also take step by step pictures and make a video of the whole process just to make sure you don’t mess things up for yourself. Just stay relaxed, do it in an organized way. Take your time and you will see replacing your hoverboard motherboard is a piece of cake really.

No matter what kind of electrical device or machine that you have for your use, you must always know the basic science of it which will result in not only better performance from your device but you will also be able to resolve out the minor problems yourself which will save you a lot of money , effort and time. Hoverboards are getting very common in our lives and they can have some minor problems related to the different chips used in it or a bigger problem when it comes to the broken hoverboard. These problems seems get bigger in case we don’t know anything about them and that is why we have briefly discussed how to replace hoverboard motherboard chips.

The most common issues that you may have with your self-balancing scooters is not the failure of the board but the failure of different chips connected to it. Problem with the gyro sensors mainly results in the failure of a side board. The gyroscope chip is readily available and you can replace it with ease. Similarly, problems with Bluetooth speakers can also occur which require no science that you can’t understand when it comes to their replacement. If your board is down, it is as easy to replace as any other chip in your hoverboard. The most important thing that you need to remember is to take a lot of pictures of every step that you make or make the notes so you won’t forget where to connect the connectors. Having done this, which is very easy as there are only a few connecters you will be dealing with and your scooter will be as good as new.

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