Coolreall Two Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter Review

Still on hoverboard reviews, we would take this opportunity to inform you more about Coolreall Two Wheel Electric Personal Transporter. The market today is vast, and if one is not careful, you might end up with an imitation of the real product. It is against this sad experience that we always try to inform and advise customers on the best and genuine products. Always keep checking on for the latest inventions and innovation. Our reviews are always based on past users’ ratings and feedbacks as well as our experience with the product. We deal with the client point of view and not the manufacturer’s point of view. Enjoy getting more information about this product, Coolreall Two Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter.

CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two 6.5" Wheel Self Balance Electric Board
CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two 6.5″ Wheel Self Balance Electric Board

Specifications and Features

External Features

This product has great and material specifications and features. To begin with, those who are color oriented have their take with this hoverboard. This product is available in 4 distinct colors; blue, red, white, and black alongside randomly selected patterns.

The tires are sturdy and long lasting owing to the good quality solid rubber that forms the most of the parts of the tires. The tires are perfectly filled, and the rider will never get stranded on the way due to puncture or to inflate. The 6.5 inches wheels diameter gives the rider a comfortable ride and proper self-balancing too.


The foot rest pads are enhanced with anti-slip to offer safety to the rider from falling off while engaging a turn or navigating a corner. You will stay intact and safe whenever you make any turn due to the anti-slip technology. The LED lights form part of the system and allows visibility of your way while riding in the darkness.

Anti slip

Internal Feature

It is a reality that the best inside cannot be embraced if the outside physical appearance is weird. However, for Coolreall hoverboard, both the external and internal designs are superb. This device has three gyro sensors and three accelerometers that detects the load, or rider and ensures stability. It also operates on one of the best rated LG lithium 18650 battery that is non-explosive and non-inflammable hence improving the safety of the rider.

The 1000w motor makes this machine a powerful one and also adds to its stability. The whole system weighs only 29 pounds hence portable.

The Good

As was said earlier in the introductory statement, we base our reviews on customers’ feedback and rating. For this product, we took customers from Amazon and out of the 20 reviews, the average user rating for this hoverboard was 4.5 ratings with 18 having 5 ratings and only two having less than 4 ratings.

Most users confirmed that the product is an-easy-to-use machine with great design. The speed of 12km/h is considered efficient and safe by most users. Simplicity, stability, and functionalism are all perfect for this product as confirmed by the users.

It has been confirmed that the product operates well past the rider age limit of 60 indicated. A rider who is of 70 years of age confirmed that he bought this hoverboard and managed to ride it with a lot of ease. That is incredible indeed, this fact is attributed to its perfect balancing technique. Even the old cannot fall off, Coolreall Two Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter is made on the platform of the rider’s safety.

A complete charge for the battery takes 2 hours and can move the scooter for 15 kilometers continuous drive. Therefore, this locomotive falls in the category of the best eco-friendly automotive given that it operates on electricity and produces no fume, gas, or smoke.

It is also silent on drive, a feature that has impressed most users. Simply stand on it and control your body as the onlookers wonder how you are moving while standing.

The Bad

In this world, there is nothing 100% perfect however much you can try to make it be. Similarly, this self-balancing scooter also had some complaints from some few users. The first complaint is on the body paint. It has been reported that the body paint is very slight and prone to scratching especially on the sides.

Another complaint is on extended riding. Some users reported that after riding the scooter for long, they could not manage to balance themselves while walking or off the scooter. This is a bit amusing given that when you are on the hoverboard, it does the self-balancing so losing your balance for sometimes when you start walking on your own is normal. This even happens to those who travel by car for long, when you step down; you feel like you are flying.

Getting off the board also has been seen as a difficult to long time riders. This problem is however related to the one stated above on the self-balancing feature of the scooter that later interferes with your personal balance.

Concerning carrying the hoverboard, a customer recommended inclusion of a carrying bag for the product. The carrying bag should have a shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

The Verdict

All said and done; Coolreall appears to be one of the best and worth the value of the money for those who are after a safe and reliable ride. The comfortable and aesthetic style and quality construction will certainly give you that perfect look as you ride hence high rankings with users. The battery life is great and does not drain faster hence reliable so is the powerful motor that creates the kind of reliability that most riders are after.

The biggest fear for most riders is always the difficulty associated with riding the scooter and also balancing. On this, you should not worry since the 3 gyro sensors will take care of that and respond consistently to the pressure pads. It is normal that it may take you some time as a newbie but assured of quick mastery. All in all, the designers and manufacturers of coolreall two wheels self-balancing scooter needs to be appreciated for excellent work. Thumbs Up! Have you purchased yours? If not, get the best deal, just click on the “buy button” below.

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