10 Best Hoverboard Shoes in 2020 Reviews

There are no specific shoes for your hoverboards but while you take your board for a spin in the street with your buddies, all eyes are on your feet and that fancy machine you are rolling so it is important that you have the best shoes to show off as well. The LED lighting shoes are a best choice to get along with your hoverboards and that is why we are going to get you down to the top 10 best hoverboard shoes reviews. Let us have a look at them;


Joansam USB Charging LED Shoes Flashing Sneakers

10 Best Hoverboard Shoes

An amazing shoes to start our top 10 hoverboard shoes reviews with. These shoes are going to give you the last bit of touch that has been missing to get you the ultimate attention. They have upgraded LED lights which light up like a moon in the night and are very long lasting. This is a proud product from a brand which has a great reputation when it comes to fashion. These shoes come with a six months of quality guarantee for the LEDs and a friendly customer care service is also given. The LED lights used are of a very high quality which offer very high durability and will keep making you good look on your hoverboard.

Having a precious and lighted hoverboard might not be enough but putting on these LED flashing shoes will really get you a lot of attention. These shoes are available in many different colors which gives you room to select your favorite color or even buy more than one colors for your different occasions. The LED lights are one thing, the overall built of this shoe is light in weight and is highly comfortable to wear. You would be able to walk around and perform stunts on your hoverboard without being worried about hurting your shoes or yourself.


  • Made from PU Leather and Rubber Outsole
  • Comes with a quality guarantee of 90 days
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Push button to turn the LEDs on and switch colors
  • Easy charging with USB charging cable
  • Charging time is up to three hours


7 Colors LED Luminous Unisex Sneakers

7 Colors LED Luminous Unisex Sneakers

One of the most reliable hoverboard shoes that you can get in the market. These shoes will get you the comfort you have been deserving for a really long time. You can wear them for hours to walk around or have the ultimate fun with your wheels on the roll. The LED lights lit up to makes them look very cool and the overall built of the shoe is what will impress you the most. They look rather simple yet classy and very comfortable to wear. An easy to reach switch is hidden in the shoe to turn on the LED lights.

You can have the lights on or change them to flash with the help of the switch. While you put them on charging, the lights will turned off automatically until the charging is complete. All you need to be careful about is not to put the shoes in the water or make them super wet. However, you can use a slightly damp soft cloth to clean them off. These shoes come with a charging table but the charging adaptor is not included and you can get your phone’s adaptor to get the job done. The charging uses USB port which makes it very convenient to charge.


  • Made from high quality genuine fresh and breathable net cloth
  • High quality rubber sole with integrated LED lights
  • LED lights up to 7 colors with convenient button and charging port hidden in the shoe
  • USB charging takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged
  • Perfect for clubs, fun parties and hoverboard stunts


High Top Led Light Up Shoes

A style that has been considered to be always ‘in’ in the fashion. This trade mark shoe is everything you need to wear the ultimate style which will make you look cool. It has been rated high by the customers and can easily be worn for hours. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and you would love to wear them literally anywhere. When it comes to style and being all fancy, all you need to do is turn the LED lights on and you are a showstopper with your hoverboard. These shoes are great for all kind of your fun parties such as birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and cosplay etc.

The LED lights around the sole make you look like a rock star. A very easily accessible switch is given in the shoes to turn on the lights. The LED lights are waterproof to a great extent so you don’t have to panic when you come across water but it is recommended to try not to put them in water just to make sure they are kept working for a really long time.   


  • Made of high quality PU and rubber sole
  • A hidden switch is given with the USB charging port
  • Charging takes 3 hours and can light up your shoes up to 8 to 11 hours of use
  • Eight different kinds of lightening patterns
  • Perfect for all your fun parties and hoverboard stunts


Top Men Women Light Up Shoes

Have a look at these very highly rated hoverboard shoes which are probably one of the best looking shoes in the market which you can use for multiple purposes. If you are thinking of gifting shoes to your friends, these are all you need to make your friend fall in love with them. They are made to be all white and look incredibly good with the LED lights that lit up in different colors making your shoes look as if they are changing the whole color as well. These shoes are available in different sizes and can be used by men as well as women.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear as well and if you are thinking of partying all night long with your friends in the club or to roll your attractive looking hoverboards with your buddies, these shoes are all you need to get you’re a game on. These shoes are also available in different colors and they look so good that you would want to buy them all. The strap on the front, a zipper and laces combine so well to give them a great look.


  • Synthetic and rubber construction
  • Available in different sizes
  • Hidden switch button with a USB charging port
  • Eight different LED lighting modes
  • Easy USB charging takes 3 hours to get fully charged
  • Available in four different colors


Men Women Kid LED Light Up Fashion Shoes

A lightning design on the lighting shoes under over your lightening hoverboard is all you need to bring the ultimate fun in the house. These shoes are made to look very attractive and everyone you meet will definitely mention your shoes. They have been designed to make you look better and the looks are not everything that these littles guys offer, the overall built is extremely soft and nice to wear. These shoes are also very light in weight and you will love wearing them for hours.

The charging takes 3 hours and after that you will have a long time to have fun with LED lights to light you up. These shoes are not waterproof so that is something you need to be careful about, do not wear them in rain or soak them in water. You can make them clean using a soft and slightly wet cloth. These shoes are also not made for intense gamed as they will damage the LED lights otherwise you can wear them for hours of walk or to have fun with our self-balancing scooters. These shoes can be used by both men and women and they make an amazing birthday present.  


  • LED shoes adopt top synthetic leather and non-slip rubber sole
  • comfortable and safe to wear
  • High-quality material, breathable and wear-resistant rubber soles
  • 11 different light lightening patterns
  • Makes a great birthday gift
  • Best to use for fun parties and hoverboard


LED Lighted Luminous Couple Casual Sport Shoes

Another fantastic choice for your hoverboard shoe needs to make your hoverboard and yourself look even better. An easy to find switch and charging port is given and the LEDs offers different colors to get along with your hoverboard. You can put on the color of your hoverboard. The overall design of the shoe is rather simple and with the LED lights on you are going to rock any party you go to. Not only you are going to rock the party but you are definitely going to the center of everyone’s attraction.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear and will prove to be very durable only if you take a little care. Little care means do not use them for intense sports as they damage the lights, you it for your casual wear and everyday use. You should also protect them from a direct contact with water. You do that and you will never see yourself complaining about these shows in any manner. The change in LED lights will seem to change the color of the sole and that makes them look very cool.


  • Made of good quality cotton and PU
  • Colorful and safe rubber sole
  • Offer seven different attractive LED lights
  • Takes 2 to 3 hours of charging
  • LED lights up to 8 to 10 hours
  • Very comfortable to wear


Upgraded USB Charging LED Light Sport Shoes

You have got to have lost your mind in case you don’t end up liking these bad boys. They have a very famous white trademark design which is popular all around the world and the LED lights in the sole take them to a whole new level to style and beauty. They are one of the bestselling hoverboard shoes in the market and there is no reason why you should not have them. They seem very precious to look at and considering that they are available at a very fair price. You will also love to wear them for hours that is how comfortable they are however they should only be used for casual wear.


  • High quality cotton built
  • 11 different kinds of lighting patterns
  • Easy to access hidden switch
  • Takes 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged
  • LED works for 8 to 11 hours on a single charge


Lighted Luminous Couple Casual Sport Shoes

One of the best rated hoverboard shoes in the market and making into any list of best LED shoes is like a walk in the park for these bad boys. This style in shoes took over the world by storm when they were first introduced and their popularity has never declined since then. They are a combination of simplicity and style. The LED lights in the sole take them to a whole new level of style and are perfect to wear with your hoverboards or to any of your fun parties. There is absolutely no reason why you should not get these shoes for yourself. They are very comfortable to wear, waterproof to some extent and can be worn by both men and women.


  • Made from PU and good quality cotton
  • Exquisite design
  • Offers 7 different lightening patterns
  • about 2-3 hours of recharging, the shoe light can keep on for about 8-10 hours.

 Light Up LED Shoes/Sneakers

A very affordable hoverboard shoes that bring you the ultimate style and comfort while you roll your wheels in your neighborhood or go on to rock a fun party. It’s a Trademark shoe exclusively owned and sold by Binlong and this is the shoe which get people to talk about it bringing you a lot of praise. It has been made from high quality PU leather with non-slip rubber sole and an absolutely flawless finishing. You will have different lightning patterns to keep them changing their looks making you the center of attention of everyone. The charging takes 2 to 3 hours and uses a convenient USB port.


  • Not recommended for running and fierce sports
  • Great choice for all your fun parties and hoverboard ride
  • Takes 1 to 3 hours to get fully charged
  • Highly durable material


Light Up Shoes Flashing Sneakers

One of the most light weight and comfortable hoverboard shoes to make your hoverboard ride much better and more fun. They have been made from high quality Knit fabric top & Non-skid rubber sole and the LED lights in the sole make them look just perfect for any of your partying or fun activities. Shake a leg in the club wearing these beauties and you will never return home alone or take out your hoverboard for a spin with these shoes on and you will definitely get a lot of number to save on your phone on the way, so what are you waiting for? These shoes are also very comfortable to wear for your everyday use.



  • Made from Knit fabric top & Non-skid rubber sole
  • Hidden switch button offering different lighting patterns
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Charging takes 2 to 3 hours and give you 8 to 10 hours of fun
  • Best for all your fun parties and hoverboard rides


Buyer’s Guide:

Buying any shoes for yourself is not a difficult task at all as you need to know only two things: the way they look and how comfortable they are. However buying them online can be little tricky as you can never know how comfortable they are until you feel them on your feet. There are no specific hoverboard shoes but the best shoes to get along with your hoverboard are the light up LED shoes as they make your machine and yourself look better. Our top 10 best hoverboard shoes in 2020 reviews make sure you get your hands on the right product.

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