Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard in 2020

Skateboards are very popular in youth and they are a great gadget that keeps you all active and on the move. Electric skateboards have made their entrance in the market and has been selling like hot cakes already. You can use these skateboard with or without power and they also come with wireless remotes for the ultimate control in your hand. This article is going to bring you down to the top 10 best electric skateboards in the market, let us have a look at them;

BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard 

An amazing product to kick start our top 10 best electric skateboards reviews. This skateboard looks incredibly sleek and smart looking. It’s a 38 inch longboard which will look absolutely stunning under your feet. It offers an impressive speed of over 16 MPH and a range of over 10 miles on one charge. The battery used in this skateboard is of very good quality and gets charged in around two and half hours. It does not require any assembling, you will get it out of the box and start rolling these amazing looking wheels.

It comes with an ergonomic wireless remote which can be used to control the speed and deceleration with reverse capability. It has been constructed from 8-ply maple wood deck has a layer of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board giving it more flexibility and sturdiness. The deck is outfitted with grip tape and is concave to keep the rider’s feet firmly in place and stay on the board. It can easily take up to 300 pounds of weight and uses a powerful hub 350w motor.


  • Offers a max speed of up to 15 MPH
  • a range of over 17 miles on one charge
  • wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability
  • Remote battery lasts up to 7 days on a single charge
  • Maple wood + bamboo deck & premium GRIP construction
  • Powerful hub 350W motor
  • Requires no assembly


BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard 

This is one of the best rated electric skateboards in the market and just the looks of it will get your attention right away. It has been designed to look very nice and elegant and the asking price for this product is very fair as well. This baby is one of the extreme electric longboard with the eccentric graphic design, dual carrying handle and board design. It has been backed with a very effective and powerful 350W motors and a high performance battery that will get you rolling wherever you want.

Remember that these motor skateboards are not designed for flipping and your jumping tricks as the electric components can get disrupted however playing it smooth, you are going to fall in love with this beauty. It offers a top speed of over 16 MPH and a max range of over 10 miles on a single charge. The batteries take two and a half hours to get fully charged and you will not find them annoying you with anything at all. A very easy to use ergonomic remote has been given to have the ultimate control over your skateboard. The battery is good enough to last up to 7 days on a single charge depending on how much you use it which is very convenient as you will not have to get it charged again and again.


  • Powerful 320W hub motors
  • High quality battery
  • Top speed of over 16 MPH and a max range of over 10 miles on one charge
  • wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability
  • supports up to 300 pounds of weight
  • requires no assembling


E-skateboard Electric Skateboard

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard

This has to be one of the most reliable electric skateboards that you will find in the market and the price tag will amaze you. There are many electric skateboards that will cost you more and offer way less than what this baby does. A great value for your money is what defines this product. The best thing has to be its battery which recharges in 60 minutes and gives you 7 miles before you have to charge it again. This is really impressive and that is one of the reasons this skateboard has gone very popular among the customers.

It offers a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour and the battery fulfills high safety standards which should give you complete peace of mind while you roll your wheels in the neighborhood. It has been constructed with ECO Friendly bamboo and maple board for light weight design backs with very impressive long lasting brushless motor with high performance PU wheels. If you are looking for your first electric skateboard, this has to be on top of your list and you will love every bit of it.


  • Offers maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour
  • Battery gets charged in 60 minutes
  • Offers 7 miles on a single charge
  • ergonomic wireless handheld remote control


maxfind Max-C 27″ Electric Skateboard

An incredibly cool looking skateboard that promises to make you look better when you roll these wheels in the neighborhood. This product has been a result of different rigorous testing and prototypes making it an absolute beast that you will love to roll. It is also one of the moist portable electric skateboards in the market. The design is impressively sleek and the overall weight is very light. You will feel very convenient holding it for transportation. Another great aspect is that it has been available in four different colors and all of them look so good that you would love to have them all.

The remote controller accord with unique ergonomic design make the remote effortlessly stay in your hand. This skateboard has made its appearance on different world-expos and have always gotten some serious admiration because of the overall design and the performance and that is why it is popular almost everywhere. This skateboard has also been recommended by different online celebrities who used it themselves. Simple, cool and yet stylish is what defines this product and so rightly so. There is absolutely no reason why you should not buy this product for yourself.


  • One of the most portable electric skateboards in the world
  • Exquisite hydrographics transfer printing with carbon fiber material 
  • splash resistant electric skateboard
  • max speed 13 MPH and max range 10 miles for a single charge
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Certified for high safety and quality standards
  • Comes with a 30 days money back and 12-month warranty


EPIKGO Electric Longboard Skateboard 

Have a look at this skateboard and ask yourself if this is one of the best looking skateboards that you have ever seen. An incredibly sleek and stylish looking board with a very dreamy black finishing which makes it look like an electric skateboard from some science fiction movie. This skateboard is expensive compared to most of the options that you have but it seriously elite. It can cruise up to speed of 25 miles per hour and has been built for optimum agility, smooth handling ability and quick adjusting chassis.

A wireless remote control is also given to take control of your speed. The battery is of very impressive quality which gives you 10 miles of distance on a single charge. The 7-ply frame is 100% bamboo multi-layer technology and solid steel-alloy trucks make up this board’s solid frame that you can rely on completely. It weighs only 11 pounds which makes it one of the sleekest skateboards of its types. This is the skateboard that is going to bring you a lot of attention wherever you take it. People just can’t look at it and not say ‘wao’! That’s for sure.


  • crafted with a 7-ply 100% bamboo frame for a lightweight yet durable riding experience
  • 2100W dual motors power this board at speeds up to 25mph
  • One of the quickest skateboards around
  • Solid polyurethane tires and a high power battery push 
  • Runs up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • Equipped with two speed modes and features a reversible riding option
  • Intelligent internal sensors prevent electrical shortages, provides speed control options and auto-brake awareness


Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard

Rated as good as perfect by the customers, this electric skateboard is a beast to have and is also one of the most durable electric skateboards in the market. It has sold great numbers and since its arrival in the market, this baby has shown no decline in terms of its popularity. The price is also great and at this range this has to be one of best electric skateboard in the market. Beating this product at this price is almost impossible. Starting from its looks to the performance, everything about this skateboard is inch perfect.

Its kick-tail deck shape and lightweight hub motor make it easy to POP under your arm when you jump on the bus. It has been constricted to be very light in weight and uses all high quality components. This skateboard is as much of a fun ride with power off as with the power on so even if you run out of battery, you will still be rolling it down the streets with complete convenience. The features include battery level indicator, Ergonomic remote control and two speed modes. The hub motors promise to offer you worry free performance for years of use.


  • hub motors are light and compact giving the board the feel of a normal longboard
  • Regenerative braking
  • Exquisite design built for durability
  • Friendly customer service


Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

A very beautiful looking electric skateboard that will definitely make you look better on it. The overall design is just exquisite and by the looks of it, you will know that this skateboard is going to be entertain you for a very long time. That is exactly what this baby offers. The manufacturers of this product have a very good reputation when it comes to innovation, style and quality.


  • Gives you more control and better steering
  • Speeds up to 12.5mph with two riding modes
  • 18 mile range


Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

A very expensive electric skateboard for sure but this baby takes the electric skateboards to a whole new level. It has been designed to look incredibly good and there is no skateboard stands a chance with this beast in terms of anything at all. It can be your perfect personal transporter which is a winning combination of portability and power. The motors are very powerful and the brakes are smooth which promise you the riding experience no other skateboard can offer.

Climb steep hills without breaking a sweat, apply the brakes to manage your speed downhill or stop on a dime or accelerate to reach exhilarating top speeds, all while maintaining perfect control. There is nothing that you can’t do on this skateboard in terms of the ride. It is also very light in weight and you can easily carry it whenever you want. This skateboard simply has no competition and is worth the price.


  • incredible speed and ease
  • light in weight and powerful
  • 22 miles per hour of top speed
  • regenerative braking and 25% grade hill Climbing 



Razor RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

One of the most affordable electric skateboards that is available in the market and when it comes to this product being affordable does not mean you are compromising on the quality. It has been rated as good as perfect by the customers and is also one of the bestselling skateboards in the market. You simply can’t ask for a better electric skateboard at this price and trust us the market is loaded with products which cost you more money and are not as reliable as this little beauty. It has been constructed for great durability, the overall built is very light in weight and it does not lack a thing that you need in your smooth and fun skateboard ride. This baby would make into any list of the very best electric skateboards in business.


  • Powerful 125-watt motor
  • speeds up to 10 mph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • comes with a wireless remote with wrist strap
  • high-grip urethane wheels and custom reverse kingpin trucks 
  • supports a rider up to 220 pounds


LITZART Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard

Another very decent choice for all your electric skateboard needs. This skateboard is amazingly portable and light in weight and having it will bring more comfort and fun in your life. It offers a max speed of up to 12 MPH and a range of over 10 miles with easy to hold wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. It has constructed with high quality maple wood + bamboo deck & premium grip tape which promises years of entertainment. It uses powerful 250w hub motors backed with a very decent battery which ensure a smooth and reliable ride. It has been designed to look very sleek and stylish. You won’t require any assembly and you will be able to enjoy it right away after you take it out of the box.



  • Offers max speed of up to 12 MPH and a range of over 15 miles
  • wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration 
  • Maple wood + bamboo deck & premium grip tape construction
  • Takes up to 270 pounds of weight
  • Powerful 27W hub motors
  • Requires no assembling

Buyer’s Guide:

A reliable motor with a reliable battery is all you should be looking in your electric skateboard. You only have enough smart devices in your life that you have to charge again and again therefore, your skateboard should offer a good battery timing with a great motor performance. That will bring the ultimate durability and hence the value to your money. Other features such as lightweight, sleek and stylish are important but not as necessary as the motor and battery. Our top 10 best electric skateboards will make sure you spend your money on the right product.

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  1. Honestly, I think the Spectra guys are some of the more interesting in the eskate scene. They’re really putting their necks out with this design, and so far my experience is definitely more positive than negative.

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